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  • Long-Record... Compact Size!

    All the high-speed performance of the IL3-100S and TS3-100S plus Long Record mode for streaming image data to an on-board SSD. The FasCorder feature lets you use the camera just as you would a common camcorder! Fastec makes it easy to capture everything! Read More
  • Versatility Meets Affordability

    With two models to choose from, this slimline camera may be the most versatile high-speed camera on the market today. The IL3 offers multiple built-in and removable image storage options, ultra-fast image downloading and a very affordable price. Read More
  • High-Speed Revolution is Here!

    The innovative TS3 may be operated using its 7” LCD touch screen. It features built-in and removable storage options and more than four hours of battery operation on one charge. Truly high-speed imaging in the palm of your hand! Read More
  • Record in High-Speed for Hours!

    Process monitoring, stress failure analysis and sporting events all benefit from the flexibility of no triggering and no downloading. Images are streamed directly to a RAID array of PC HDD’s or removable SSD’s at up to a full 1280 x 1024 resolution at 500 frames per second. Read More
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Featured Camera

  • TS4-100

    The TS4 is a unique high-speed camera with dual operating modes: Standard mode and Long-Record (LR) mode. The TS4 retains the same small form factor, battery operation, large built-in LCD and touch screen menu system as its predecessor, the TS3. In Standard mode, the TS4 records ultra-sharp 1280 x 1024 mono or vivid color images at over 500 frames per second and more than 60,000 frames per second at reduced resolutions. The TS4 also functions as a complete long-record system capable of recording continuously to Solid State Drives (SSDs) in HD (720p) resolution at over 500 frames a second for more than 18 minutes and in VGA resolution at 250 frames a second for almost 2 hours! With thousands of frame rate and resolution options, the TS4 can capture almost any high-speed event. With FasCorder mode, the TS4 is as intuitive to use as a common camcorder. Whether you wish to record a sporting event in high-speed, analyze animal behaviors or troubleshoot a mechanical system, the TS4 makes it easy! Read More
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Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming tradeshows and events for your chance to see exclusive product demos!

NABShow 2015

NAB Show

April 11-16, 2015

Las Vegas, NV

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PACKExpo 2015


September 28-30, 2015

Las Vegas, NV


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High-Speed Digital Video Cameras For Every Need

Fastec Imaging manufactures portable, affordable high-speed cameras with outstanding image quality. With resolutions up to three megapixels and frame rates up to 250,000 frames per second, no application is too fast for our cameras.  Fastec Imaging’s line of handheld, point-and-shoot high-speed cameras are truly an industry innovation.  Our more traditional camera systems are just as impressive, with small form factors and all the features found in far more expensive cameras systems. Add in our line of long-duration recording systems that enable high-speed video capture for hours at a time, and you have the most well-rounded high-speed camera offerings in the industry. Priced to fit demanding budgets, Fastec Imaging high-speed cameras save time and money on the production line, in the lab, on the field of play, or on the test range.  Whatever your application demands, we have the answer.

Latest News

  • Multi-Camera Update for FasMotion!

    The newest version of FasMotion and camera firmware makes setup and control of multiple cameras easier than ever! New features include advanced calibration with gain and offset controls for getting the most out of any lighting! New version of Web-GUI has better controls on mobile devices.
    Read More
  • New TS4 Camera

    The TS4 eliminates the need for external PC setup and bulky storage systems by combining a handheld form factor and a touchscreen display with a high-speed image sensor and a built-in mSATA SSD. Operating on battery power for up to four hours, the TS4 is a completely portable, self-contained high-speed camera system. Read More
  • New Dual-Mode Cameras

    Fastec is pleased to announce the release of the new “Dual Mode” TS4 and IL4 high-speed cameras. Capable of recording short bursts of high-speed footage just like Fastec’s TS3 and IL3 cameras, TS4 and IL4 cameras also are capable of much longer recordings, in the range of minutes to hours by streaming to built-in, high-performance SATA II or SATA III Solid State Drives.
    Read More
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