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  • High-Speed Revolution is Here!

    Innovative TS Series cameras may be set up via 7” LCD touch screen, or via PC, Mac, or mobile device. Several models to choose from. Onboard storage and battery operation make TS cameras portable and versatile. Truly high-speed imaging in the palm of your hand! Read More
  • Small Cameras, Big Performance!

    Robust design and small form factor make HiSpec cameras the ideal solution in virtually any industrial or laboratory environment. With resolutions up to 2.9MP and maximum frame rates over 100Kfps for most models, these tough little cameras pack plenty of high-speed punch! Read More
  • Long-Record... Compact Size!

    All the high-speed performance of the IL and TS Series cameras plus Long Record mode for streaming to an on-board SSD. The FasCorder feature lets you use the camera just as you would a common camcorder! Fastec makes it easy to capture everything—in high speed—in the palm of your hand! Read More
  • Versatility Meets Affordability

    With several models to choose from, this slim camera may be the most versatile high-speed camera on the market today. Camera setup via PC, Mac or mobile device. IL-Series cameras have multiple built-in and removable image storage options with ultra-fast image downloading. Read More
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Featured Camera

  • TS5-Q: Quad HD!

    The TS5-Q is the new Quad-HD version of the TS5, capable of recording full 5-megapixel images at over 250fps; Q-HD (2560 x 1440) at over 350fps; 1080p at 635fps; 720p at 1403fps. As with any camera, more resolution means that you get a nicer, more detailed image, compatible with today’s high-resolution monitors. But when imaging objects moving at high speeds, a larger canvas allows observation of an object’s movement over a greater distance and with more complete information about its behavior. In many applications, such as animal studies, for example, the object of interest is unpredictable and attempting to pan the camera to track an animal or object at high speed is often impossible. With the TS5-Q, as all Fastec cameras, higher frame rates are possible at lower resolutions. The TS5’s global shutter stops the action at all frame rates and resolutions. Read More
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Check out our upcoming tradeshows and events for your chance to see exclusive product demos!

MIT 2017 MIT Edgerton Center: Short Course
June 26-29, 2017
MIT Edgerton Center
Cambridge, MA 02139

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High-Speed Digital Video Cameras For Every Need

Fastec Imaging manufactures portable, affordable high-speed cameras with outstanding image quality. With resolutions up to 5 Megapixels and frame rates up to 250,000 fps, no application is too fast for our cameras.  Fastec Imaging’s line of handheld, point-and-shoot high-speed cameras are truly an industry innovation.  Our more traditional camera systems are just as impressive, with small form factors and all the features found in far more expensive cameras systems. Add in our line of long-duration recording systems that enable high-speed video capture for hours at a time, and you have the most well-rounded high-speed camera offerings in the industry. Priced to fit demanding budgets, Fastec Imaging high-speed cameras save time and money on the production line, in the lab, on the field of play, or on the test range.  Whatever your application demands, we have the answer.

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