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Microfluidic devices are used to control low volume, high-speed fluid flows containing small particles such as droplets or cells. With their high frame rates and small size, Fastec’s IL and HiSpec cameras have become very popular in academic and commercial labs where microfluidic devices are designed and tested. Fastec cameras fit nicely onto microscopes and can image microfluidic processes at thousands of frames per second. HiSpec cameras, first introduced in 2011, are installed in many microfluidics laboratories worldwide. The newer IL5 with its higher resolution, small and efficient pixel, binning capabilities, and more flexible recording modes is quickly becoming the preferred choice for microfluidics device developers.

Recommended Cameras

hispec5 r

HiSpec 5

Tethered high-speed camera head with 1696 x 1710 resolution and frame rates in excess of 200,000 fps.

IL5 greyBox


Tethered high-speed camera with 2560 x 2048 resolution and up to 29,090 fps.