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The FasFire Update


SAN DIEGO, CA – Fastec Imaging Corporation, a global manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems is pleased to announce the new FasFire update, available for IL3 and TS3 cameras. Further developing Fastec’s mission of building cameras inspired by ease of use, FasFire is a powerful new feature that enables Fastec cameras to capture more relevant high-speed imagery in less time than ever before.

The FasFire feature gives the shooter the ability to continually queue and transfer multiple video clips to camera media while actively capturing more. Fastec’s goal is to help the shooter capture precisely what is wanted, minimizing wasted time and undesired images, while always remaining poised and ready for the next shot. This concept is useful in many applications, including animal studies, sports, media production and even machine troubleshooting, where the moment of high-speed action may not persist for very long, but may happen randomly with events occurring intermittently and often in quick succession.

The previous update introduced lightning-fast UDP transfers from TS3 and IL3 cameras to a PC as well as “CAP” file saves that move up to 8GB of uncompressed image data safely from camera memory to the non-volatile built-in SSDs in about a minute. This concentration on moving image data quickly has proven to greatly enhance workflow, thereby saving TS3 and IL3 users precious time.

While the new updates take the workflow options further with batch transfer and conversion features as well as even faster “CAP” file saves thanks to ever-improving SSD drive performance, the emphasis is now shifting to the image capture side of things. Matt Kearny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fastec Imaging explains, “This is a logical order, first we made our cameras the industry standard for offloading images, now we will set a new bar for flexibility and performance in video clip acquisition.”

Fastec Imaging is a global manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems. The company specializes in uniquely portable and affordable high speed camera systems, including handheld, point-and-shoot systems, compact PC-controlled cameras and long duration record systems. Fastec cameras are used in myriad applications, including engineering, industrial manufacturing, packaging, medical and academic research, biomechanics, military range testing, sports performance and broadcast entertainment.