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The Multi-Camera Update


SAN DIEGO, CA – Fastec Imaging Corporation, a global manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems is pleased to announce the new FasMotion Multi-Camera update, available for all models of IL3/IL4 and TS3/TS4 cameras. Recording multiple views of high-speed events has become common practice among Fastec camera users. This new version of FasMotion software makes configuration, control, playback and image download from multiple cameras easier than ever!


New features include:

  • Camera window with live or playback view for each attached camera
  • Any mix of IL3/IL4/TS3/TS4 cameras may be controlled with a single instance of FasMotion
  • Multi-camera control pane allows selection of any sub-group of attached cameras for ganged control (Arm, Trigger, Playback, Save)
  • New keyboard shortcuts and context menus make navigation through the software quick and intuitive
  • Zoom image window with mouse wheel
  • Playback saved DNG stacks in FasMotion
  • New Advanced Calibration feature: add gain and offset before calibration for increased sensitivity and black level control
  • More robust FasMotion connectivity: better transfer performance, better tolerance for un-optimized systems
  • Improved Web GUI for mobile devices
  • New “Truncate” feature for FasCorder ROC and BROC modes allows deletion to the end of video from any point